WestHaven Assisted Living

Level One Services –  24/7 Care Extending Independence

WestHaven Assisted Living offers personalized care to older adults who benefit from supportive personal care reminders, medication management and encouragement to participate in community activities. All residents receive level one care including 24/7 observation and monitoring, medications management services, daily nutritional meals and snacks, housekeeping and laundry services and coordination of medical appointments.

Level Two Services – Personalized Care

Our personalized care approach recognizes that one size does not fit all when it comes to meeting the needs of your loved one.

WestHaven offers additional support services for elderly residents in need of personal care assistance, assistance with mobility and care coordination for chronic health conditions. Residents suffering from the debilitating effects of stroke, heart disease, respiratory ailments, general physical decline, cognitive impairments, memory loss, vision and hearing disabilities often find that this extra care and assistance from the care team allows them to participate at their highest level of engagement .

Level Three Services – Extensive Helps 24/7

WestHaven is committed to supporting residents as their needs change. Level three services can support more complex needs such has help with transferring from the bed, monitoring changes in health conditions and coordinating clinical services with physicians or hospice care. Although we cannot promise our residents will never have to move to a higher level of care, this level of care service reduces the need to consider relocation when either physical decline or mental function makes care more challenging.


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