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All-Inclusive Care Companion Rates From $5,945  Per Month

Where did I leave my keys?  Why did I come into this room?  These are common and normal expressions of the busy lifestyles we all lead.  Serious memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease are not.

All Inclusive Companion Care offers 24/7 personal care and attending; toileting and incontinence care; mobility and transfer helps; dressing, bathing, grooming and hygiene helps; plus around the clock medications assistance all for one predictable monthly cost for all level two needs with included medications management and more*.

Our specialized Advanced Memory Care programs allow us to focus the attention of our care staffs on the unique frustrations and fears that come with memory loss.  

Confusion, disorientation, anxiety, and paranoia are all feelings that can be managed successfully with carefully designed interventions which reorient or redirect the memory impaired resident into safe, productive, and meaningful activities and emotions.  

With such a wide range of needs WestHaven offers an equally wide range of care plans, behavior modifications*, special dementia interventions, and specialized activities programming.  

WestHaven is also pleased to coordinate with skilled physician’s and home health care professionals to supplement our social service model with cutting edge medical, pharmacological, and behavioral modification programming.

WestHaven’s programs for memory care clients have been state approved.

*Level three services, including bed based care, hospice support, and behavioral suppports are available at an additional charge.

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